Please Sign These Petitions!

A number of petitions have been created which support not selling the land for development. Please consider signing this one (or better yet, print it and circulate it amongst your friends). Hopefully the county commissioners will see that many, many people in Brevard support the original desires of Joe Wickham to protect some of the wilds in our developing Florida! It is almost too late for Wickham Park, considering what they have done already, so please take the time to sign this online petition!
Click Here to Go to Petition Page

This is another petition which is accumulating quite a few signatures - consider signing it also -
Click Here to Sign It

Please also considering going to Florida Today's website to vote to keep the land from being sold. You can click below which will take you to a news article which has a place to vote on it (scroll down - look for "Poll Question").

Click here to vote

Thank you for interest and support!

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